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Bezus and RAMONA by
Bevearly Cleary
Bezus has a little sister named Ramona who has a lot of imagination. Ramona can be a little bit of a pest. She once asked Bezus to play Twittlewinks. Bezus would sometimes read a book to her to get her to stop bothering her. Bezus and Ramona went to the library and checked out a book but a couple of days later the book was colored with purple crayons. Then their mom gave them some money to pay for the book they had damaged. So then Bezus took Ramona to the park because Bezus had an Art lesson, but a little later Ramona came in the building and stole a grape sucker from a boy. Bezus telling Ramona to give it back but Ramona was running around with it and did not want to give it back. Then the little boy finally got it back. Bezus got Ramona to leave the building and go play back at the park by telling her she would tickle her if she did not leave. So, Ramona left the building. After Bezus's Art class, she took Ramona home. After, Bezus and Ramona went to Henry's house and Bezus and Henry were going to play Checke but Ramona messed up the Checkes' game. Then Ramona locked Henry's dog, Ribsy, in the bathroom because she thought he was being a bad dog.
Be nice to your siblings so they do not annoy you or be a pest.
I would recommend this book to people who have an imagination like Ramona. I think that it is good to have a good imagination but not too much where you might wander off and get lost.