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The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket

Three children named Violet ,Klaus, and Sunny are orphans and is under the care of a banker named Mr.Poe. There is an organization called "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child".It is where villages take in orphans to raise them, and the children are given a choice of villages. They chose one called V.F.D.because they think it is another secret organization also called V.F.D. When they arrive there they discover he council there has many,many strict rules. Violet, Klaus, and, Sunny are taken y a man named Hector, who secretly breaks some of the rules.The next day they find a couplet in code, and are convinced that their friend,Isadora, wrote it.Each day they find a new,coded couplet for 4 days. The children know that Isadora is captured by Olaf ,who has 1 long eyebrow and a tattoo on his ankle and is a villain, but they don't know where Isadora is. The council caught a man who matched the description of Olaf, but did not speak like Olaf. They put him in jail, and Olaf disguised himself as a detective.The next day they tried to decode the message while finding a way to save the innocent man, called Jacques.The execution will begin in the afternoon, so that night Violet, Klaus, and Sunny tried to save Jacques from jail,but got caught and got in jail themselves!They get out of jail by using water to dissolve the mortar in the walls, and decode the message.The orphans now know that Isadora is hidden in a huge fountain of a crow, and they save her by pressing a secret button in the big,hollow crow's eye.They run away, and the story ends.
The theme or message is that you always can't be fortunate.
I think that this book was very good, because it was exciting and I wanted to know a lot more after the story ended.