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The Lightning Theif
By: Rick Riodan
Percy Jackson is a troblemaker. He has be expelled a huge amount of times,
has ADHD and dyslectcia, and thought that he was just a loser.
But that was all about to change when a trip to the museum
turns his life around when one of his kind substitute teacher
turns into a flesh eating monster that tries to kill him. Percy's
best friend Grover and his mother quickly drive to Camp Half-Blood for
help, but on there way a greek mith monster called the Minotar almost kills
Percy's mother and sends her to the underworld. Percy kills the Minotar
and find out why he is here: because he is accused of stealing Zeus's Lighting Bolt.
And he finds out that he is Poisidan's son and he is a Halfblood, half god half human.
Along the way, Percy meets a girl named Annabeth who is also a halfblood, and Percy's
camp counsler names Luke. After a few weeks of training, Percy sets out on a mission to find the lightning bolt.
When on the mission Percy meets a few monsters and some magical pearls that can help him in the future. Some how some way
Percy finds out who did it, Luke. Luke didn't want the gods to be incharge anymore so he framed Percy and that means ( since Percy
is Poisidan's son) it would start a dectructive war. And since Percy ruined Luke's plans, he tried to kill him but, failed. Percy
quickly got the bolt back to Zeus and saw his father for the first time.
I think that the author is trying to tell the reader that it doesn't
matter how old you are or who you are to do great things.
I really like this book because it can relate to you in some ways. It also gets the reader wondering how can he do that or that must be impossible. I strongly recommend this book to readers that like greek mytholgy and adventure.