Name of Book
Theme or Message
The Hobbit J.R. Tolkien
This hobbit is living a comfortable life when a wizard named Gandalf comes to have tea.The hobbit, Bilbo , goes on a journey with twelve dwarfs,. while on this voyage Bilbo stumbles upon a ring that Gollum has lost .This ring has power and makes you invisible when you put it on. The 13 members are stuck for a dragon surrounds the cave they are in. This ring helps them in some ways, but they do not yet know the true power of this ring. This ring which seems to be good is actually owned by something you would not want to meet. He meets some friends and foes along the way.Then he returns home .
The message to me is be careful with what you find.
I really liked this book, because it had lots of good word choice, and the book is very suspenseful.I couldn't wait to read the rest of the series.Well actually, this book is a prequel to Lord of the Rings series. It started with this book though, how the ring got back its power.