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The sisters grim:
Once upon a crime
By: Michale Buckley
At first Sabrina, Daphne, Granny Relda, Mr. Hamstead, and Mr. Canis
were taking the fairy trickster king, Puck, to New York for treat meant after
having his wings torn off by a jabberwoky in a fight with little Red Ridding hood.
After the group came to New York the group went into Faire, the land of the
faires they learn that Puck was banished from Faire after refusing the bride his
father told him to marry.During an event, the wannabe king, Oberon king of the faires,
was poisoned leading them to think it was an act by the scarlet hand. The Queen requested the
group to find the killer and bring him to them.During their quest, the group gets into confusing,
misleading, and sticky situations.In the end they find out that, Moth, Pucks soon to be bride poisoned the
king and Oz a member of the scarlet hand tried to take credit for it.
The message that the author is trying
to give you is that being a Grimm means
caring for others even if they aren't your kind
when they are in need of caring.
In my opinion this book is a magnificent book.Giving so many details, the author lets me read through the book without becoming confused. In my opinion, The Sisters Grimm: Once upon a crim ia a book I would deffenetly a book I would reccomend.