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The Last Battle Of The Icemark
By: Stuart Hill
In this book, the southern Hypolitan have broken free of the mountains, and are ravaging through the the Polypontian Empire. They are freeing kingdoms that were recently under Polypontian control, only to kill every single inhabitant of the kingdoms they just freed. Queen Thirrin of the Icemark hears word of what the Hypolitan are doing, and decides that she wants to attack the Hypolitan that are attacking the Polypontus. A Polypontian general travels to the Icemark with some of his men to join forces with Queen Thirrin and her army. However, Thirrin is reluctant to join forces with people that were in the group that waged the war that killed her father. Though she does not like it, Thirrin does join forces with the Polypontians, and sets off for the Polypontus. After some time, they are joined by the son of the commander, and he brings some cavalry. A couple of nights later, they are joined by a large number of vampires. Soon after they are within sight of the city of Romula. They enter the city of Romula, and are able to get their troops into position before the attack starts. But they are then involved in fierce combat agains the combine power of the shock troops and the elite female regiment riding on tri-horns. After they win the the battle Thirrin goes into the palace and threatens to burn it down unless the emperor comes out right at that moment. He does come out and it turns out tha the emperor is just a little boy. Thirrin falls in love with the charming little child and forgives him for letting General Bellorum start the wars that killed her father and son. then they must prepare for the Hypolitan attack that they now will come soon. The leader of the Hypolitan launches an attack the next day. The Icemark and its allies meet them on the field of battle. The leader of the Hypolitan sends some people from the shock troops with a stretcher carrying barrels of gunpowder. They get close to Queen Thirrin and the gunpowder explodes. Thirrin is left unconscious, yet unharmed thanks to her horse which turned sideways to take the full brunt of the blast. She wakes up right before the Hypolitan leader stabs her and kills the Hypolitan leader, and the Polypontus is saved.
I think that the message of the story is that sometimes helping your enemies is a good thing.
I thin k that this book is good because its full of action and suspense and drama and romance. I would recomend this book to people that like action stories.