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Earthquake Terror

By:Peg Kehret

Earthquake Terror is about a family that goes on a vacation to Magpie Island. Mrs.Palmer

broke her ankle and had to leave Abby and Jonathan alone on the island, while she and Mr.Palmer went to the hospital.

An earthquake had appeared on the island after Mr. and Mrs.Palmer left to go to the hospital.A few hours after that, Jonathan floated to the Pacific Ocean and left Abby behind.Abby, ( who is paralyzed) , got to the shore of the island and slept on the side of a cabin.At the same time as that happened,Jonathan's dog,Moose,had saved him from dying.When both Moose and Jonathan got to the shore,they saw a helicopter.The helicopter brought them to safety and saved them from dying.Finally, they saved Abby and brought them to their parents.They were so happy to see each other and to be reunited!After that,the Palmer family went home and cuddled up!

The Message the author is trying to express is always stay close to who your with in a dangerous situation and to

try to escape from the situation.This is what the author is trying to express!

I would recommend this book because it has so many

lessons that are learned.It also has

a lot of suspense

and detail on how things happened.I love and adore this book so much,I want to read it over and over again!This is why I recommend this book to YOU!