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Jaap tar Harr
During the second world war,in Russia,Boris Macarenko
and his best friend, Nadia,must try to survive the cold
and the attacking German bombers and air raids.
During an one air raid, a
they both lose their only soup rations and must find some potato hole things that
Nadia's big brother, Serjozja, had told her about the night before he died.After
they got through their Russian defense lines, went under a bridge so close to the frozen
waters,Nadia passed out into a sub-cautious state.
While Boris is trying to wake her up,
three Germans come, and instead of killing them both like Boris expected,they took him and
Nadia back to the Russian lines and gave them food.After two days Nadia died.Boris and his mom
read her dairy.The next day Boris sees a letter .It is for a play.But since lately his mom had been
trying to evacuate him so he thinks its a trap to evacuate all the kids from the city.But Boris goes and it turned out it wasn't a
trap.After he and nearly all the other children get a good meal, Boris sneaks meat home for his mom.On his way home, a officer follows him.
after telling directions to the officer, Boris gets home and gives his meat to his mom.In the next few days,Boris's uncle comes and said that trains had arrived with salvage.
After getting his parcel, they see German prisoners of war.When Boris gives his chunk of chocolate to a German, every one gets super enraged over it.But then this old hag came out of the crowd and said that he did the right thing.
All wars are just point of
view.It's either
that or for some thing about religion.
I think that
Boris is
a good book because it is suspenseful when the three Germans come when Nadia passes out.That is why i think it is a good book.