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The Long Winter by
Laura Ingalls Wilder
In the long, hard winter of 1880-1881,
Laura and her family have to survive the
winter.The family runs out of food and
can't eat.The train can't come until spring
with more food and other important things.
The hole family is shocked when there is a
blizzard in October and more come. After the
trainstops running,the family tries all it can to
save food.The blizzardswould last three or four
days and have less than a daybetween each
one!! Towards the end of winter the family
runs out of food.Luckly,a roumer goes around
that there is a man 20 miles from town with
wheat and Almonzo Wilder and Cap Garland
go huntingfor it. They find it and bring it back
to the town. they save most of the town from
starving.The train comes with goods and spring
comes. Now that spring is here,the family
and others make it through the long, hard
The message of this book is
if you don't have everything
you may need, make it off
with what you have. I think
this because the Ingalls
family ran out of flour for
bread and they used weat.
To grind the wheat they
used a coffee mill. The
Ingalls family shows that
what may seem like the
worst, might not be.
I think this book is a very
insperational book because
always think something
might happen but the family
makes something else
happen.I also think it is a
great book because of all
the things the famiy and
their friends do.