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Tales of a Forth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume
This book is about a forth grader named peter who wins a turtle in a dribbling contest and names the turtle dribble.Peter loved his turtle.He takes good care of it.He has a little brother Fudge who always causes trouble,but never gets in trouble.Sometimes Fudge would take the turtle out.Fudge gets his dad fired from his job.Fudge also loses his tow front teeth by jumping of a jungle jim. Peter dose a school project,and Fudge runs his project.At the end of the story Fudge eats Peters turtle dribble an has to go to the hospital.Peter gets sad.Peter gets a dog,because peters turtle died. peter did not know he was going to get a dog.
I think the message of this story is that having a little sibling can be a pain.
I think this book is good and funny.I think this because it is funny when Fudge dose something wrong.I would recommend this book if you're looking for some thing funny.That's what I think of the book.