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Charlie and the chocolate factory by Rhoald Dhal
Charlie and the Chocolate factory is about a boy named Charlie who wins a very special golden ticket.The golden ticket gives him the opportunity to get to go inside a chocolate factory.His birthday was coming up, and every year for his birthday he gets a chocolate bar from the factory. On the television one day, they announced that five lucky winners will have the chance to get a tour around Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.All of the golden tickets were found except for one, and all the children who won them were either snobbish,impolite, or weird .When Charlie was walking one day, he found money on the sidewalk and went to the store to buy a chocolate bar.Luckily, he found the last golden ticket! When he went home to tell his parents and grandparents, people were crowding around his house.His family was delighted, and he asked if his grandfather would come since he's always wanted to go.The day that they arrived, they saw how obnoxious the fortunate kids were.The whole day they walk around the factory,and they got samples almost in every place.They made it through their day, remembering how tasty the amazing chocolate was.But out of no where,the creator of the delicious chocolate,Willy Wonka,came up to Charlie and asked him if he would like to take over the factory and live there.He refused, and said he would only go if his family would come.Willy accepted the deal, and Charlie's family lived happy in the chocolate factory.
No matter how bad your situation is,you'll always have as much luck as any average child.And if you behave,and you listen to the people who guide you through life, you will be succesful and good things will happen to you.
I think this book is a very good book for children, and I absolutely love this book.I think that the message is very good.It really teaches you a great lesson.