Name of Book
Theme or Message
The Battle of Skandia
John Flanagan
Will is still weak from the effect of a drug.Evanlyn goes to get the
game that got trapped in the traps
Will made. When she got the rabbit
from the trap, she got capture by a
Temujai rider. She was taken to their
camp. Will went to get Evanlyn when
she didn't show up. A couple of kilometers away, Will's master, Halt and Will's friend, Horace were entering Skandia. At the border post, there were a couple of dead
Skandians that scattered the ground. Halt learned that there was a couple of Temujai
riders in Skandia. Both Horace and Halt followed their tracks. Will followed the rider,
and arrived at the rider's camp. He soon met his mentor and friend.They met some Skandians.Halt warned them that the Temujai are here. Halt and the group of Skandians' leader, Erak went to the invading Temujai's camp. Erak was so big that when he stepped on a twig, it alarmed the guards. They both got on their horses to escaped. There were some enemy riders behind them shooting at them with bows and arrows and Halt was shooting at them with the same type of weapon. They soon went to the country's capital. They warned the Oberjarl that the Tem'uj were invading Skandia. Halt, Erak, and the Oberjarl planned to have hit and run attacks on the Temujai ranks at night until the reached the capital. A traitor told the Skandians that Evanlyn was actually the Arulean princess Casandra. Evanlyn said that the Skandian that told the Skandians was a traitor. So she was still alive. When the Temujai came, the Skandians suprised the Tem'uj by being well organized. The Oberjarl died in battle so they elected Erak as the new Oberjarl. When the battle was over, Erak brought the princess back to here homeland. The Arulean king made a treaty with the new Skandian Oberjarl. Horace was turned from a knight apprentice to a knight.
The the theme of the book is to have allies and have a good stragetist while planning for a battle.
I liked this book very much and I would recommend this book to readers that like action and are patient.