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Follow My Leader

James B.Garfeild

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One day after a baseball game,Jimmy found a fire cracker.
His friend Mike wanted to light the fire cracker,but
Jimmy didn't want to . Mike lit the firecracker anyway .
While lighting the firecracker Mike accidentaly threw the
fire cracker and blinded Jimmy .

Jimmy has to learn braille with miss Thomason who has to leave
,but with the help of his friends he can go back to school.Also
Jimmy has to learn braille to get his guide dog and go to
guide dog .

Soon the guide dog school he has to learn how to eat by himself
and walk on the side of the road by himself .Jimmy comes home
soon with his new guide dog.

He goes back to Boy Scouts and tries to be friends with Mike , but Leader
bites Mike . Soon Jimmy goes out on a camping trip with the Boy Scout
troop. He dose every thing a normal boy would do . After all Jimmy can
lead a normal life with leader by his side .
The message in this story is that
you can lead a normal life even when
you have a disability .Jimmy
shows this by going on a
camping trip .He also tries to was
the dishes .
My opinion about this book is that it is very sad .
Some of the reasons I think it is sad be cause Jimmy
is blinded . he is also supposed to to go back to school
and be by himself while he was not accepted to the guide dog school.