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The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket
This book is about the three Baudelaire children who have bad things happening to them.Violet is the oldest Baudelaire. Klaus is the middle Baudelaire child,and Sunny is a baby. Their parents died in a fire so Mr. Poe, a family friend,has to find places for them to live.Count Olaf is an evil man who wants to take the families fortune and took care of them,but he got caught doing bad things. Mr.Poe now finds a family member to the children named Uncle Monty.He is a very nice man who works with reptiles.He has a room in his house called the reptile room where all his reptiles live.He told the children that since he was their new gardian that they need to come with him on an expedition to Peru. His new assistant, Stephano,was going to come with them on the trip. The children though, figured out that Stephano was really Count Olaf in descuise.The kids tried to tell Uncle Monty, but he did not believe them. Violet and Klaus tried to figure out Count Olaf's plan, but they were to late. Count Olaf had killed Uncle Monty so he could take the kids to Peru and steal their families fortune. The kids think of a way to tell Mr. Poe about Count Olaf so he won't take their money. At the end Mr.Poe finally believes them and catches Count Olaf, but he escapes. Mr. Poe will have to find the Baudelaire kids a new home.
I think that the author is trying to get across that even if something looks fine and someone tells you it's not right you should look into it more before you tell them they're wrong.
I like this book because it is so interesting to read about the kids discovering Count Olaf's plan.Every word that you read makes you want to keep reading to figure out what is going on.I recommend reading this book because it is so exciting to read and finally figure out the answer to the questions you might have. Also the author gives a lot of details and at the end of each chapter ends it in a way that makes you want to keep reading.It is so fun to read this book.You'll never want to stop reading it.