Name of Book
Theme or Message
The Witches
By Roald Dahl
There was a boy who lived in England with his mother & father.One day the
family was going to visit grandma and something bad happened.... It was icy outside and
their car suddenly skidded off the road and went tumbling down a rocky ditch. Sadly
his parents were both killed, but lucky for him he only had a cut on the head!
He went to go live with his grandma after the terrible accident.His grandma told many
stories about witches not fake witches but REAL witches!!!!!! None of her stories were make beileve and all of her stories she told him
were about witches. In this book witches were in the story the whole time.
The message of this book
is to always look out for witches,
make sure you are not by a witch,
and never, never, never come face
to face with a witch.
My opinion of this book
is that it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
It is funny, cute, and last but
not least scary.The reason
why I say it is scary is because
it is about witches!! It is cute
because it is make believe.
It is funny because the witches
pronounce their W's as V's.