name of book
theme or message
The Red Pyramid
Rick Riordan
Everything goes wrong
when 14 year old Carter
and 12 year old Sadie
helps their dad at a little
trick to rise his wife up
from the dead. The Rosetta
Stone explodes. The evil god,
Set, traps Carter's dad in a sarcophagus,
and their uncle Amos takes them on a boat
to a mansion.There they meet a cat girl named Bast.Set builds a giant red pyramid
to destroy North America.The kids find out
that they have gods inside them.Carter has Horus in him
and Sadie has Isis.They give the
kids powers to help their father who also has
a god trapped inside of him.Will Carter and Sadie defeat Set?
Read the book to see.
Don' t take a really
bad risk.
I would recommend
this to the whole
world. This book is action packed .
One example is the epic fight of
set and Carter.It makes you so
excited and you just can' t stop
reading. It makes you want to know
what happens next. I really recommend
you to read it.