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harry potter and the goblet of fire/J.K.Rowling
This is the year of the triwisard tournament. it is the competition of the 3 biggest wizarding schools.(Durmstrang, Hogwarts, and Beauxbatons) Their will be a school champion for each school to represent them.It is made up of 3 dangerous tasks and the champions have to try and achieve the goals. A rule has changed and only people 17and up can compete. each champion will have to put their name in the goblet of fire if they wish to compete. harry potter of course is not 17 and up, but somehow his name came out of the goblet of fire. every one thinks harry did it,but he didn't .Now Ron is jealous of harry and is avoiding him.
Hagrid decided to help Harry out and showed Harry what the third task was. So he can prepare.( the first task was getting past a dragon and stealing it's golden egg.) Harry succeeded in his first task.Harry potter's luck was still there to help him win the second task.
In the third task he had to get past the obstacles in the maze and go to the middle to get the triwizard cup. But when he touched the cup it was a portkey. The portkey led him and Cedric to where Voldemort's dad's grave was. Over there wormtail killed Cedric and tyed Harry to the grave.
Harry whatched in horror as Voldemort was reborn. Harry dueled Voldemort and escaped. At school Harry packed his bag to go home for summer vacation.
don't feel bad that you are different.
I think it is a good book. the author adds a lot of " what will happen next" feelings to urge you on to keep reading.and for instance when harry potter was wandering who had attacked vicktor krum it is a good mystery and you would like to keep reading to figure out who did it.
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