Name of book
Theme or Message
A Series of Unfortunate Events The End Lemony Snicket
This book is about Violet, Klaus, and Sunny
Baudelaire are shipwrecked with a notorious
villain named Count Olaf. Olaf thinks he discovered
an island and calls it Olaf-Land. Instead they met a girl named Friday and live in her village Olaf doesn't though. They live there until they are banished and live on a coastal shelf that is about to be flooded that has a pregnant woman on a raft of books. Then they find a library in the arboretum on the island. They read a book with their dead mother's hand writing. When they go back to the shelf they see a poisonous fungus. They go back to the book to save their lives.
Always look around and discover.
I think the book is good because it has suspense like when they find the lady on the raft. At the end we don't now if they made it back to shore. I think it is also very funny. the author gives funny meanings of word. He talks to the reader and makes jokes.