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Week of October 16, 2017

  • A reminder that a spelling test will be given each Friday. There will be 15 words from the current week's list and 5 review words from any previous list.

  • Reading - This week, the students will be introduced to the literature circle role of 'Word Wizard'. This role involves finding two challenging, interesting, or useful words in their novel and using a dictionary to define them based on the context of the sentence. The students will also take a literature circle roles test. The students have been introduced to the five main literature circle roles: Connector, Discussion Director, Summarizer, Illustrator, and Word Wizard. After reading a chapter of the book A Paradise Called Texas, the students will complete a brief activity where they will assume each of these roles. (We will review the roles before the test.)
  • Language Arts - Students will identify and write complex sentences. Complex sentences are formed when a dependent clause (a phrase/incomplete sentence) and independent clause (complete sentence) are joined together with a conjunction. It is important for students to understand that a comma is necessary only when the dependent clause comes first. For example, in the sentence "Before I play, I have to do my homework.", the dependent clause is "Before I play". This can't be written by itself as a sentence. However, when the independent clause ("I have to do my homework"), comes first: "I have to do my homework before I play", no comma is necessary.
  • Writing - Students will write a personal narrative this week. Focus will be on having a strong introduction and conclusion, using show me, don't tell me descriptive language, staying narrowly focused on one topic, being well organized, and trying to "pump up" vocabulary.
  • Social Studies - We will continue to read about the first American Indian groups in Texas and how archaeologists learned about these groups of people.

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Released STAAR tests can be found here:Released Test Questions
STAAR writing scoring guides (to give you an idea of compositions receiving scores of 1,2,3, and 4) can be found here: STAAR Writing Resources

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