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Week of December 4, 2017

  • The students will have a test on nouns (common/proper, plurals, and singular/plural possessives) on Friday. I will be sending an e-mail with more detailed information.

  • Reading - Students will begin working with their literature groups this week. Students have been placed into groups based on their reading levels. Each group has been assigned a different novel to read. They will meet with their groups weekly to read and engage in discussions about the material read. They will also be given assignments to demonstrate their understanding of the material.
  • Language Arts - We will review nouns this week in preparation for Friday's test. This includes recognizing the need to capitalize proper nouns, the rules involved in making nouns plural, and how to correctly write singular and plural possessive nouns.
  • Writing - Students will learn different transition words and phrases they can use to connect ideas in their expository writing. These include additive words such as "in addition" (when you want to give more information), oppositional words such as "on the other hand" (when you are stating a fact that contradicts what you just said), emphasizing words such as "most importantly" when you want to stress something, and sequential words such as "finally" used to put ideas in order.
  • Social Studies - Students will read about events that led to the Texas Revolution.

Open House Powerpoint:
Open House Handout:

Powerpoint from Parent Writing Night:

<---------Click here for a sample STAAR writing page. Remember that students only have 26 lines for each of their compositions and anything written outside of the box will not be scored.
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Released STAAR tests can be found here:Released Test Questions
STAAR writing scoring guides (to give you an idea of compositions receiving scores of 1,2,3, and 4) can be found here: STAAR Writing Resources

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